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Artist Andrew Lakey naturally fits into the category of outsider with symbolist and minimalist moorings. His unusual story and prodigious artistic output place him in a rarefied group of painters who have managed to survive professionally making art.
"Study #26" (2010) Andy Lakey - Mixed Media on Wood. More Info >>


NEWSWIRE: Read the Andy Lakey interview from The Creative Process series, posted at Southwestern University, in which the artist discusses his motivations for creating new work and his health advice for other artists...

In 2010, and on into 2011 Andy Lakey has begun a new, two-stage painting cycle in his studio, consisting of The Studies, the preparatory work which is his current focus, and The Paintings, the eventual art works that will result from his Studies. Watch the Andy Lakey studio video diaries here...
Andy Lakey
has also contributed the Foreword to the NAACP 2011 Images Award-winning biography "You Don't Know Me: Reflections of My Father, Ray Charles," by Ray Charles (Jr.) Robinson and Mary Jane Ross, which won the NAACP Image Award for 2011 (Outstanding Literary Work, Biography). In March 1990, Ray Charles became the very first collector of Andy Lakey's artwork.

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